Our mission is to raise money through our Charity Events to help eliminate barriers in life to our disadvantaged children in the San Gabriel Valley.



June 1st, 2019

Our 34th annual Rodeo is just around the corner! Here is your first look at this year's poster. Mark your calendar and choose the date you plan to attend. Last year was a real good time and this year is going to be a good ol' time for sure! See y'all soon.


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February 7th, 2019

Introducing Love Run 2019 this September, stay tuned to our site for more information as the months progress.


This is a family and friends style 5K with a 1980's themed twist. Taking place on the beautiful hilltop setting of The Industry Hills Expo Center, it is all up to you if you want to compete competitively and run or causally walk with your loved ones. There will be plenty of perks and giveaways making this a totally radical event! In return we are raising funds to support our local San Gabriel Valley children.

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Last Years 33rd Annual Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo Recap

The 33rd Annual Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo was a Grand Western and good ol' time to say the least! It was a packed house for both days. We want to thank all of you for coming out and donating to Industry Charity Events. To join our efforts you can donate on our website at any time. Simply select your sponsorship amount, and click the DONATE button.

Mark your calendar for this years 34th Annual Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo @ Industry Hills Expo Center coming October 12 - 13th, 2019!

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Welcome to the Industry Hills Charity Events Council
formerly known as the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo, which was founded in 1985.

Together with The Gabriel Foundation, our annual charity events have donated more than 2.3 million to many children in the Southern California area. The Industry Hills Charity Events Council proudly announces two major charity events in celebration of our 34th year. The first event scheduled is "Love Run 2019", a family Run/Walk 5K event taking place at the beautiful hilltop setting of The Industry Hills Expo Center on September 21st. This is one of the many new charity events we plan to host yearly, be on the lookout for more events coming your way from the Industry Hills Charity Events Council. Our goal is to expand and increase our donations and the support we give to many disadvantaged local San Gabriel Valley children.

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Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo
Mark your calendar for this years 34th Annual Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo @ Industry Hills Expo Center, coming October 12 - 13th, 2019! This weekend event drawns thousands of spectators from all over California and beyond. Many of the nation's most notable Rodeo competitors will be showcased and involved in bringing one of the best shows on the west coast. The Rodeo will include Bull Riding, Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Barrel Racing and more.

Who We Help

The Industry Hills Charity Events Council has helped disadvantaged, children in need, in the East San Gabriel Valley for over 33 years.

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The Gabriel Foundation

Through the Gabriel Foundation, our annual charity events have given over $2.3 million to local children in need.

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Our Sponsors

Our major sponsors, The City of Industry and The Industry Manufacturers Council, make our donations possible to local children in need.

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Who We Help

Over 33 years ago, The Gabriel Foundation was formed when the needs of our families became acute. The City of Industry is well known internationally for its focus on business. Those businesses depend upon employees from the surrounding towns. So there is a feeling of responsibility to serve those families. It's good business and it's good citizenry. It became clear that a strategy should be in place to meet increasing needs of area youth. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to donate to The Foundation. Of course, the City of Industry has been a strong supporter for many years. However, the big public event is the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo held every year in the fall. That's where your opportunity comes in. As a business sponsor of the rodeo, you'll have visibility to the entire region where your generosity will be highlighted. The Foundation channels rodeo proceeds to a number of worth service organizations with the primary ones being the Delhaven Community Center, the Youth Activities League, and the YMCA Summer Swim Program.

Delhaven is a learning and recreational facility for the handicapped and challenged. They also provide an opportunity for children ages 5 to 14 to go to summer camp. These kids would never have that experience without Delhaven's program. The Youth Activities League has been operating since 1991 and is run by volunteers from the ranks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The goal is to deter young people from being lured into gangs by forging healthy relationships with adults during activities and trips. Baseball, basketball, flag football, tennis classes, cheerleading programs, and camping trips keep the kids busy.

The Gabriel Foundation supports kids and teens who want to learn how to be water safe and become good swimmers through sponsoring our area YMCA Summer Swim Program. Being active, building confidence and developing healthy relationships is key to encouraging a young adult to go on to college and be a productive member of our community.

The Gabriel Foundation is pleased to report that well over $2.3 million has been given to organizations over our years. It is hoped that that kind of generosity is matched by others in our community who understand the needs of our young people and have the compassion to help.


At the heart of our rodeo are the professional cowboys and cowgirls and their animals. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is the largest rodeo organization in the world and sanctions over 650 rodeos in North America annually. There are strict rules we are eager to abide by when it comes to ensuring the humane treatment of the livestock in our rodeo. Professional rodeo judges are at our rodeo not only to officiate, but also to enforce all PRCA animal welfare rules.

We abide by the highest standards put forth by the PRCA which accounts for our long association with them. Here are just some of the rules:

A veterinarian must be on site for all competition
A veterinarian must inspect all animals prior and just following competition
Spurs must be dull
Arena must be free of holes, rocks and other obstacles
Chutes must be constructed to prevent injury
No stimulants or hypnotics may be given to any animal
Protective horn wraps must be used
Horse flank straps must be fleece lined

We value the livestock that play such an important part of our rodeo and we dedicate ourselves to the welfare of them. If you wish more information on the PRCA and its animal welfare programs, visit www.prorodeo.com.

Bareback riding is the most physically demanding event in rodeo. Strength and timing are vital in maintaining control during a wild and often unpredictable ride. Riders grasp a one-hand rigging that fits over the horse's back. Judging during the 8-second ride is based on the cowboy's spurring technique, the degree to which his toes remain turned away from the horse throughout the ride and his willingness to lean far back and take whatever may come during a ride. As the horse bucks, the rider jerks his knees, running his spurs up the horse's shoulders. As the animal comes back down, the cowboy straightens his legs so his spurs are again over the horse's shoulders as its front feet hit the ground. The rider is disqualified for bucking off or touching the bronc or himself with his free hand.

Steer wrestling is the quickest event in rodeo, averaging between 3 to 5 seconds. A great deal of concentration, timing and coordination is required between contestant (the "bulldogger") and his horse. A second cowboy called a hazer keeps the steer from veering away from the steer wrestler. The steer is given a head start, and the cowboy must overtake the steer and position his horse for a transfer at about 30 miles per hour. The cowboy must get down on the running steer, grasp its horns, turn it, and after gaining leverage by lifting up on one horn and pushing down on the other, wrestle it to the ground. The steer is considered down only when lying flat on its side with its head and all four feet in the same direction before the time clock is officially stopped. With a steer weighing in at some 650 pounds, it's the only event where a cowboy's weight and size can make a difference.

The cowgirl's cloverleaf patterned barrel race is fast, exciting and easily understood. In barrel racing, quick turns at high speed are required to win, and times are so fast and close they are measured in hundredths of a second. A 5-second penalty is given for each barrel knocked down, and the rider is disqualified if the pattern is run incorrectly. More than in any other rodeo contest, horse and rider coordination are vital to success. In other rodeo timed events, it's common practice for contestants to borrow horses and win, but not here. Barrel horses are great athletes, with exceptional drive, speed and agility and they must train with their rider.

Riding a surprisingly agile and powerful 2,000-pound bull is rodeo's most dangerous sport. In addition to courage, bull riding requires balance, coordination and quick reflexes. Many bulls spin or continuously circle in one area of the arena, plus a bull bucks differently than a horse, so the rider must be prepared for a downward thrust, which could throw him over the animal's head. Bull riders must ride for 8 seconds with only a flat-braided rope pulled tight around the bull and across the gloved riding hand. The rider uses his free arm and body to counter the bull's spins and lunges while holding on and possibly spurring with his feet. The cowboy and animal are both judged equally.

Considered rodeo's classic contest, saddle bronc riding is one of the most difficult events to perfect. Spurring action must be synchronized with the horse's movements so that the 8-second ride will be fluid and graceful rather than wild and uncontrolled. Gripping a 6-foot braided rein in only one hand, the rider's feet must touch the horse's shoulders on the first jump out of the chute. This is called a "mark out," and the rider who misses his mark is disqualified. Ideally, the cowboy's feet are thrust forward, with toes turned out in the stirrups and spurs over the bronc's shoulders when the horse's front feet strike the ground. As the horse bucks upward, the rider flexes his knees, drawing his feet back, toes still turned out and sweeps his spurs along the bronc's sides until the spurs strike near the "cantle," the back of the saddle. The feet again go forward as the bronc descends. The rider is judged by how much he spurs, the degree to which his toes are turned out, and his control of the horse. The rider is disqualified for bucking down, changing hands, losing a stirrup or touching himself, horse or equipment with his free hand. The judge also scores the horse on bucking style.

Community Kids Day

Can you imagine a "field trip" to a professional rodeo? Well, it happens every year in the City of Industry when children in grades three to five from 12 to 14 local school districts and private and parochial schools attend as guests of the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo Committee and the LA County Fairplex.

Excitement and happiness is evident on the faces of the kids as many of them experience their first opportunity to see, touch and even smell the livestock that make up the rodeo. It's also a special thrill for them to see and talk with the stock contractor or the rodeo announcer as well as the cowboys and cowgirls who are competing. Prior to attending the rodeo, classroom teachers provide all of the students with a special booklet that acquaints them with rodeo livestock and helps them prepare for the "field trip." Based on a concept developed many years ago by Irene Beck, a retired school teacher and former member of the Rodeo Committee, our current Activity Booklet has a unique concept. Further developed by the staff of the Homestead Museum, many of the activities in the booklet are linked to specific California State Content Standards. In addition to describing the various rodeo events performed during Community Kids Day, it also includes rodeo related math, art, poetry and vocabulary activities, as well as articles about rodeo history and California's vaquero heritage.

Professional cowboys and cowgirls, many of whom are world champions, beautiful rodeo stock, coupled with the sounds of racing horses, music and pageantry all combine to make 4,000 kids cheer. The grandstands boom with the sounds of laughter and stomping feet. We appreciate all the work of our Rodeo Committee Members who have contributed to make this day one that these young students are sure to remember. Our "thanks" to the all who volunteered their time to greet and assist all the children as they get off their buses and guide them into the arena area.


The Industry Hills Charity Events Council is grateful for the contributions and involvement of all those involved with us the past 33 years! We are excited to be celebrating our 34th year and the Charity Events Council is currently seeking sponsorship and donations for the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo this October.

There are plenty of Sponsorship opportunities and many perks in return.

Mail your sponsorship

Step 1. View our SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PAGE to find a sponsorship opportunity that suits you.

Step 2. Please DOWNLOAD THIS PDF for all donations and fill it out, place form and check in an envelope.

Step 3. Mail in your donation soon to:
              IHCEC - Industry Hills Charity Events Council
              PO Box 7006, City of Industry CA 91744.7006

Step 4. Contact us about your incoming sponsorship.
               Leona 626.961.6892 or email: info@industrycharityevents.org

All donations are accepted on behalf of The Gabriel Foundation, which has raised over $2.3 million over 33 years and awards grants to many local charities. With the continued help, they hope to eliminate barriers in life for many of the San Gabriel Valley's disadvantaged children.

ANY QUESTIONS: Please contact Leona 626.961.6892 or email: info@industrycharityevents.org

Your donation changes many lives and matters to our kids.

2017 Grant Recipients
Delhaven Community Center
Industry Sheriff's Youth Activities League (YAL)
Friends of the Heart
ROP Educational Bridge Foundation
Citrus Valley Health Foundation
New Horizons Caregivers Group
San Gabriel Valley Foundation for Dental Health
East Valley Boys & Girls Club

2018 Sponsors


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